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Pig City: Then & Now
A symposium on the past, present and future of the rock music industry in Brisbane

13 July 2007
UQ Centre Lecture Theatre, The University of Queensland



As a companion event to the Queensland Music Festival’s ‘Pig City’ concert at UQ on 14 July 2007, CCCS held a symposium to review and discuss the past, present and future of the rock music industry in Brisbane. The author of Pig City, Andrew Stafford, was among a list of speakers which included music historians and other academic researchers, music journalists, and participants in the early days of the Brisbane music industry. Partly a celebration of the past, partly an opportunity to learn more about Brisbane's music history, and partly a think-tank on possibilities for the future, this was a rich event embraced by those interested in Brisbane's music industry.


Andrew Stafford, Music writer and author of Pig City: From The Saints to Savage Garden
Clinton Walker, Australian Music Historian and author of Stranded: The Australian History of Independent Music 1977-1991 and Highway To Hell: The Life and Times of ACDC Legend Bon Scott
Lindy Morrison, Former member of The Go-Betweens, Board Director for The Music Council of Australia and Artistic Director of The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia
Kiley Gaffney, Brisbane based solo musician & academic
John Birmingham, Author of He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and the Axis of Time trilogy
Graham Ashton, Head of Marketing and International Licensing at Dew Process Records
Paul Curtis, Manager of Valve Records
Deb Suckling, Project Officer for Qmusic
Ian Rogers, Member of Brisbane band Iron On
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